Month: April 2017


When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. Rumi. Is there anything more magical in life than exploring new places? Photo of the Seine River, Paris. Taken during an cold, early morning on November 2016, when I decided to walk from the 6th arrondissement to the Louvre, then to Grand Palais, and then down to L’Arc de Triomphe, by myself. What a joy to be alive! Hoping for more opportunities to travel and praying for the courage to venture and risk more in life, by myself, with less commodities and luxuries.  That’s where my soul is at.

Bay City

I had been dreaming of visiting San Francisco for years; everything from its rich history to its parks, landmarks and especially the nearby wine country had made me enthusiastic about a possible trip. Panama played an important role in the California Gold Rush, the Panama Railroad being one of the preferred routes for those traveling into California, as opposed to the hazardous journey across the continental United States. (Now we have the Panama Canal). In 2015 I watched The Age of Adaline, a beautiful movie starring Blake Lively, and the images of Chinatown, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the spectacular scenery of Marin County portrayed in the film induced an even more overwhelming desire in me to visit this city in Northern California. It’s hard to explain but deep inside I knew I would love it there, and coincidentally, my mom called me in late 2015 wanting to plan a family trip over New Years. When she suggested San Francisco, I said that’s the one. There are a few direct flights from Panama City to SFO; …