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Pretty Streets: Georgetown, DC

It will soon be a year from my last visit to Washington DC. Spring in that city is truly magical, and the thought of the possibility of moving there this Fall is exciting. The colorful houses on Georgetown, all of the free museums, the vast presence of embassies and NGOs, the diversity of people, the political awareness and intellectual conversations, the variety of restaurants… there are simply enough reasons to help get me up each morning in the District… and I have not even mentioned the cupcakes.

Here’s a collection of photos from my last trip to D.C. I was just there for three and a half days, and though it seems quite short looking back, I really did squeeze in as much as I could. I had wanted to go to The Holocaust Memorial Museum for years now, so that of course was my first stop. Another highlight was the food, some of the best restaurants I’ve been in the whole world are in D.C.: José Andrés’ Mediterranean Zaytinya; Fiola Mare, Italian seafood with Potomac views; and China Chilcano, also by José Andrés, an amazing fusion of Peruvian and Asian (Pisco sour cocktails, highly recommended).

But my favorite moment in D.C. was an early morning walk in the Georgetown neighborhood. It was an unplanned escapade, blessed by beautiful weather after a rainy couple of days. Loved the colorful townhouses, bakeries, and coffee shops. I can only imagine how beautiful these streets look in the Fall, and I truly hope to be back in the near future when the leaves start turning orange and brown.






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