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To New Beginnings

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

Arthur Ashe.

More often than not, we find ourselves intimidated by the seemingly amount of work it takes to make a certain change in our lives. As the New Year peaks just around the corner, the topic of resolutions and what we want to achieve in 2017 becomes increasingly popular. I don’t know why we do this on New Years, or how this tradition started, but instead of focusing on how far we are from our goals, why don’t we do just one thing: get started. 

The above quote by professional tennis player Arthur Ashe has been favorite mantra these days. For me, this means to focus on the present moment and what I can do today that aligns with where I want to be. Wellness is described as a balance in physical and mental health, yet we cannot achieve a balance if we are filled with anxiety for the future. All we have is today, all we have is this body. I have begun a mental and physical transformation by starting a new weight training program (I always feared weights, was more a cardio person), reading more (currently: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell; Joy by Osho), and trusting that things will be alright.

I was recently interviewed for a job that I was really hoping to get. I was confident in my experience and abilities, made sure that my appearance was elegant and professional, and overall felt really to shine in this company. A couple of days later I received an email saying I had not made it through the next step, thanking me for taking the time to go through the application process, and wishing me luck on my job search. You can imagine my disappointment! Instantly, I focused on the other things going great in my life. It’s funny how we think we know what is good or bad for us – but the truth is, maybe I would have hated this job, and you know what? I’m positive this means something better is out there for me.

So today’s reflection is about being grateful for today, for what we have, for our many blessings, for our loved ones, and for the lessons. When things don’t go our way, it’s easy to get angry. When we are overwhelmed by the 10, 20, or 30 pounds we want to lose, it’s easy to give up and skip the gym. When someone is rude to us, it’s easy to snap back – but what are we left with, then? Failure, negativity, complaining, and literally ruining the rest of the day for ourselves. And again, today is all we have. So, let’s put in some extra work and develop the habits of gratitude and serenity.  Let’s take care of our body and our mind. Let’s cherish the little things. Happy New Year everyone!

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