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Scenes from the Basque Country

The Jaizkibel mountain range, located in the Basque Country, offers spectacular views of both Spain and France, the river Bidasoa, and the Cantabrian sea. I have been there a few times and I am always stunned by the scenery. 

I am instantly immersed in the setting of a medieval romance novel, with horse-drawn carriages where time was spent not with technology but with the beauty of nature. Places like these make me dream of a time when humans slowed down and appreciated the universe. The wind, the trees, and of course, the beautiful colors of the sky; the different lookouts around Jaizkibel have completely captivated me.

The Basque is not Spain, nor is it France. I am definitely not trying to get into politics right now, but this region is truly underrated.  To me, it’s the closest I’ve seen to a fairyland, and I hope for many returns. It has sparked my imagination and filled my soul. To many more visits to places that make you feel alive and free.


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