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La Perla de San Sebastian

It’s my last week in Europe before heading back to Panama, and of course I have wanted to make the most out of it with my loved ones here in Spain. 

 On Thursday, we visited La Perla Thalassotherapy, a century-old spa in San Sebastian, overlooking the beautiful La Concha beach. My boyfriend and I booked a two hour package that left us completely rejuvenated, grateful, happy, relaxed…

I did not know what to expect from La Perla, but my experiences with spas have usually been jacuzzis, saunas, steam baths, and lots of jet hydro massages. La Perla raised the bar for the entire industry. Their fitness circuit includes:

  • Hydrotherapy pool
  • Relaxation pool
  • Panoramic Jacuzzi
  • Active pool
  • Sensation labyrinth
  • Water-beds
  • Sea vapour bath
  • Ice fountain
  • Dry sauna
  • Relaxation room
  • Cold pool with seawater
  • Showers with cold seawater 

I must also note that before we got in the panoramic jacuzzi, my boyfriend somehow convinced me to take a dip in the FREEZING ocean! My body definitely belongs in the tropics, as I’m used to Central America’s warm waters! Granted, the days have been beautifully sunny in San Sebastian – weirdly warm for this time of the year, so the ocean could have been a lot colder…or so they tell me. 🙂 

To be honest, though, the jacuzzi did feel ten times better! There is definitely some truth to contrasting hydrotherapy as it stimulates blood flow and metabolic activity. Plus, if you are an athlete and are injured/sore, well, you know that hot and cold are both good for your recovery – and alternating them, even better!

All I can say is visiting the spa was the most romantic and relaxing date. It was also the perfect farewell to a couple of amazing months in Europe. San Sebastian is known for its pintxos, wine, and surfing, but La Perla lives up to its name as one of the gems in this city. And let me just say this: is there anything better than spoiling yourself every once in a while? We all deserve it. 


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