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Souvenirs from the South Pacific: Bondi to Coogee Walk






My friend Jess had told me that a must-do while in Sydney was the cliff top coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee. It was early October and it was finally starting to get warm and sunny outside. I had been to Bondi a few times in the winter but was eager to witness the beautiful Sydney coastline in less layers!

I had a Monday off from work and woke up early to begin my commute to Coogee. I packed snacks, a large water bottle, headphones, and my camera – the photos from this walk are probably my favorite souvenir of my time in Oz.  The sun was shining and the ocean was a beautiful turquoise color, the waves alluring dozens of surfers from Coogee to Clovelly and Bronte, all the way up to Bondi.

I encountered runners, hikers, dog-walkers, photographers, and children all throughout the 6km walk. It was hotter than expected, but needless to say I found plenty of shade under trees. The walk takes about two hours, but I kept finding beautiful photo ops and perfect areas to meditate.

It was almost a magical experience, sitting at the edge of the cliff with the boundless Pacific Ocean in front of me. If you’re a nature lover visiting Sydney, I recommend this walk as one of the top things to do – such stunning views!

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